Edit Mode vs. Published View

At the top of your ePortfolio, you will see a toggle that allows you to switch between Edit Mode and Published View.  This toggle is a valuable tool when editing and updating your ePortfolio as it allows you to confirm that you have successfully published the content you wish to share. This article will clearly explain the difference between Edit Mode and Published view, and how to use them to ensure you are sharing what you intended.




Edit Mode

When you first access your ePortfolio, it will be in Edit Mode.  Most of your interaction with the ePortfolio will occur in this mode. In order to make any changes to your ePortfolio, you must be in Edit Mode.  When you are in Edit Mode, any existing modules in the ePortfolio can be updated by clicking the Edit button (1).  New modules can be added by clicking the Add Content button (2).  To edit instruction sections, your header section, or any modules therein, you will first need to click the unlock button (3).


In order to access the ePortfolio in Edit Mode, you must be the creator of the ePortfolio, an Admin, an Editor, or Publisher.  These roles are assigned through the ePortfolio Permission Settings

Changes that you make to your ePortfolio will be automatically saved, but will not be visible to Viewers until they are published.  This process allows you to privately draft new content for your ePortfolio, and then decide when you would like to share it with Viewers.

Published View

Users who have “Viewer” access to your ePortfolio will be able to view pages and content that you have published.  The purpose of Published View is to see the ePortfolio from the perspective of the viewer so you can ensure you are sharing what you intended to.  You will not be able to make any changes to the ePortfolio in this mode.


If you are unable to switch to Published View, this means the page you are on doesn’t contain any published content.


To publish an individual page, first navigate to that page and then click Publish This Page (1) in the ePortfolio menu.  


Alternately, if you have made changes to the page, you can scroll to the top where you will see a yellow bar with a button that reads Publish Changes


To publish multiple pages, access the ePortfolio menu and select Publish Pages.  This will take you to the following page, where you can select one or more pages and then click Publish (2).  Pages with unpublished changes will be marked “Draft.”



For further information on publishing your ePortfolio pages, please see the following article:

New Digication: Publishing Options

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