Deleting a Module or Section

The ability to delete modules and sections is an important tool when editing a layout for your ePortfolio.  Deleted content cannot be recovered, however, so it is important to familiarize yourself with the process in order to prevent unwanted and accidental deletions.

Deleting a Module

To delete a module in your ePortfolio, make sure you are in Edit Mode. Hover your mouse within the module to reveal the module buttons, and then click the Delete button (1).   


Before the module is permanently deleted, you will receive a notification window to confirm that you want to delete the module.  After making sure you are deleting the correct module, type delete into the text field (2), and then click Yes, delete it (3).


Using Previous Uploads

If you delete a file that you have previously uploaded to your ePortfolio, you can add it back using the Previous Uploads tool.  Access it by clicking the Add Content button,


And then select Previous Uploads in your Library.


From the Previous Uploads page, you can view all files you have uploaded.  Clicking a file will add it to the active section.


Deleting a Section

The Delete button for sections is located at the far right of the window.  


Please note that deleting a section will irreversibly delete all modules contained in the section.  It is possible to mistakenly delete a section instead of a module, so make sure to read the notification window to ensure you are not mistakenly deleting the wrong type of content.



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