Adding and Editing Equations

For our users in the math, science and technical fields, we have made it possible to include beautifully formatted mathematical equations in ePortfolios.  Equations can be added through a button on the Text Format toolbar, or through a dedicated Equation Module button in the Library.

Adding an Equation to a Rich Text Module

To add an equation to your Rich Text module, first click the Edit button (1) on the side of the module.  


Place your cursor at the point where you would like to place your equation, and then select the Equation button from the Text Format toolbar (2).


Clicking the Equation button will cause the Equation Editor to appear (3).  In the provided space, you can type in your equation, or paste in LaTeX, ASCIIMath, or MathML language.


The equation will appear in a preview window (4), and in your Rich Text module (5), rendered according to the syntax you entered into the Equation Editor.



Using the Equation Module

To add an equation using the Equations Tool, navigate to the page where you would like to place your equation and click the Add Content button (1).


In your Library, scroll down and click the Equation button (2).


A Rich Text module will be placed on your page with the Equation Editor already open.  From here, the process of entering and styling your equation will be the same as if you were entering it into an existing Rich Text module.


Styling an Equation

To style your equation, click the Settings button on your Rich Text module.  In the Settings panel, click Advanced Customization.


In the expanded Advanced Customization options, click Equation (3) to expand the styling options.  The available style properties are:

  • Font Size
  • Font Color
  • Padding
  • Border Color
  • Background Color


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