Using Digication on a Mobile Device

Digication ePortfolios are designed with a mobile friendly layout, ensuring that they have the same look and feel when viewed on a smartphone or tablet as they do on a desktop computer.  There are a few key design differences in mobile view which facilitate viewing and navigation within the smaller screen area. Additionally, while the vast majority of the features that are available on the desktop are also available on the mobile device, there are a number of features that are not available in mobile view, as outlined at the bottom of the article.

Mobile View

Mobile view refers to the appearance of the Digication platform when viewed on a mobile device, such as a tablet or smartphone, as opposed to a desktop or laptop computer. You should be able to use Digication on any device as long as you are using a supported browser.  For a list of supported browsers, please see the following article: Supported Browsers

Adding a Module in Mobile View

As on a desktop computer, you will see the blue Add Content button wherever you scroll within your ePortfolio in mobile view.  Click this button to add a module. You will arrive at your library, where you can choose your preferred module type, which will be added to the bottom of the active section.


Uploading a File in Mobile View

To begin uploading a file, you will first click the Add Content button and then Upload File as you would in desktop view.  Next, tap the blue page icon with a plus sign (1) to bring up the options for uploading files.  You can use your device’s camera to capture a photo or video (2); you can choose from your photo library (3); or you can browse the files saved to your device (4).


Design Differences in Mobile View

Though much of your ePortfolio will appear the same in mobile as on a desktop computer, one of the main differences is the appearance of the navigation menu.  In mobile view, only the active page will be displayed, while the rest of the menu is accessible in dropdown via a hamburger button (1)

Note: Screenshots in this article are taken from mobile Safari on an iPhone


Here, you can see the expanded navigation menu.  As when viewing on a desktop computer, the Header section must be unlocked before editing. To unlock the header section, tap the Unlock Section button (2).


When interacting with a section or module, the controls that would normally appear at the right side of the screen will appear at the bottom.  To access the page settings, click the Edit button (3).


The Page Settings function the same in mobile view as in desktop view.  Pages can be reordered by tapping and dragging the respective hamburger button for a page (4).


When you access the section settings by clicking the gear wheel button (5), they will take up the entire screen, rather than appearing on the side.




Vertical Layout

Due to the limited screen size, the layout of individual sections and pages will be oriented vertically in mobile view.  Modules that appear side-by-side in desktop view will appear stacked on top of one another in mobile view.


Features Unavailable in Mobile View

Moving and Resizing Modules

Due to the limited screen size and vertical layout, modules cannot be moved or resized in mobile view.

ePortfolio Organizer

When using Digication in mobile view, the ePortfolio Organizer is not accessible.




The Conversations Tool has a slightly limited functionality in Mobile View.  In normal, desktop view, the Conversations Tool allows you to add in-line comments, as well as page level comments.  In Mobile View, you will only be able to make page level comments.


The majority of features, including the Rich Text toolbar, Library, and ePortfolio Settings function the same in mobile as in a normal browser.  Our Support Team is always available to respond to any support requests from mobile users should any issues arise.

Record Audio

Due to the inability to activate the microphone independently of the camera on a mobile device, the Record Audio feature is unavailable.  

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