Digication Development Update 4/17/19

Dear Digication Community,

We hope this message finds you well!  In two weeks, we will be making an update to our LMS integration interface which we wanted to bring to your attention.

Many of the actions available in our LMS integration take place within the LMS frame, including defining templates for a course, creating a new ePortfolio, and managing templates for a course.

Currently, some users are experiencing difficulty when completing actions within the LMS frame due to a bug that sometimes results in portions of the screen being cut-off, rendering some content inaccessible.

On April 30, we will be deploying an update to our LMS integration for desktop and laptop users. After the update is deployed, most actions that currently take place within the LMS frame will automatically open in a new browser tab.

This will include:

  • Defining templates for a course when first connecting your course
  • Managing templates for a course
  • Creating a new ePortfolio

Other actions that already opened in a new browser tab, such as accessing existing ePortfolios, will still open in a new browser tab.

As this issue is disproportionately affecting mobile users, this change will go into effect immediately in the mobile interface.  For all other instances (laptop, desktop), this change will go into effect in two weeks, on April 30.

If you have questions or feedback, as always, we encourage you to reach out to our team at support@digication.com.

Kind Regards,

Your Friends at Digication

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