Completing a Self Rubric Step in an Assignment

Your professor may create an assignment which requires you to evaluate and reflect upon your own work using a Self Rubric.  To access and complete a Self Rubric, you must first complete the evidence step of your assignment.

Once you have submitted your evidence, the self rubric step will become available.

To access this step, first click the Assignments tab (1), find the assignment, and click the Self Rubric step (2).


Now you are in the Self Rubric step. You will see your attached submission under “Uploaded Evidence” and the self rubric that needs to be completed.


Complete the rubric by assigning points in each row. You can also leave comments at the bottom of the rubric.


Once you have completed the rubric, click Save and Submit at the bottom of the page. You can also choose to save the rubric and submit at a later time.


If you choose Save, do not submit, you can submit your self rubric by returning to the Assignment and clicking Submit Assessment.


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