Dashboard Overview

As the first stop when logging into the system, the dashboard is an integral part of the Digication experience.  The following areas, which have recently been updated, are covered below:

  • Logo and Background
  • Navigation Menu
  • My ePortfolios
  • Courses/Communities/Assessment Groups

Logo and Background

The Digication dashboard utilizes a full page background image, as well as a responsive logo, making for a visually striking page that allows you to easily incorporate your institution’s branding into your system.  See the following article for further information on updating your background image and logo: Uploading a System Background Image and Logo


Navigation Menu

The navigation menu is located on the left side of the page and includes the following options:

  1. User Profile
  2. Notifications
  3. Home
  4. People
  5. Courses
  6. ePortfolios
  7. Subscriptions 
  8. Administration
  9. Reports
  10. Help
  11. Logout


My ePortfolios

At the top of your dashboard, you will find the My ePortfolios section, displaying the six most recently updated ePortfolios to which you have access.  Click the filter button (1) to change which ePortfolios you see in the list. To create a new ePortfolio, click the blue Create button (2).  The Show more button (3) will reveal an additional fifteen ePortfolios.


Hovering over the User icon (4) will display the name of the ePortfolio owner and those with admin access to the ePortfolio.



Courses/Communities/Assessment Groups

Below My ePortfolios, you will find your Courses, Assessment Groups, and Communities.  You can filter by type by using the toggles at the top of the window (1).  Six Courses, etc., will be displayed by default; however, if you have access to more than six, they can be accessed by clicking the Show more button (2). To create a new Course, Assessment Group or Community, click the blue Create button (3).  Further information regarding course creation can be found in the following article: Creating a Course


The dropdown menu (4) will allow you to choose between displaying Current, Archived, and Future Courses, Communities, and Assessment Groups.  These categories are determined by the dates that the Course, Community, or Assessment Group is available, as defined in the Course settings.


Hovering over the User icons in the Course thumbnail (5) will display the names of the Course faculty.


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