Customize featured and home page ePortfolios

ePortfolios that have been created in your system are displayed on the login screen, the Dashboard, and in the ePortfolio directory.  In both the login screen and the ePortfolio directory, system admins can choose to feature specific ePortfolios.

Wherever ePortfolios are displayed, the following information is contained in the thumbnail: 

  1. Created by (Hover to view)
  2. Number of Views
  3. Last Accessed
  4. Public vs. Private (A lock will display if ePortfolio is set to private)


Login Page - Featured ePortfolios

The login page displays ePortfolios at the top of the page in a section titled Work Created by Our Learning Community.  


By default, the ePortfolios displayed in this section will be determined by the amount of activity that has recently occurred in the ePortfolios.

Alternately, a system admin can choose to feature specific ePortfolios in this section through the New Administrator tools.  See below for instructions on doing so.

ePortfolio Directory

The ePortfolio Directory can be accessed in one of two ways:

  1. Through the login screen:


2. Or through the navigation menu:


At the top of the ePortfolio Directory, you will find Featured ePortfolios (1).  A system admin can use the new administration tools to feature specific ePortfolios here (see below for instructions).  If no ePortfolios have been designated as “Featured,” this section will be hidden. Similarly, if no Public ePortfolios are featured, this section will not be visible when the Directory is accessed through the login page.

In the ePortfolios section (2), the ePortfolios displayed will be determined by the amount of activity that has recently occurred in the ePortfolios.


Using the New Administrator Tools to Choose Featured ePortfolios

Featured ePortfolios can be chosen by a system admin through the new administrator tools.  From the administration dashboard, select the ePortfolios dropdown, and then ePortfolios (1).


This will expand a dropdown menu which includes options for Featured ePortfolios and Homepage ePortfolios (2).  Click Featured ePortfolios to select which ePortfolios you will feature within the ePortfolio directory.  Please note:  The following steps also apply to selecting ePortfolios to feature on the Homepage after clicking Homepage ePortfolios.


You will arrive at the ePortfolio Collection page.  Click the dropdown (3) to reveal a list of available ePortfolios, and the search field (4) to search for specific ePortfolios.  After selecting the ePortfolio you would like to feature, click Add (5).


After choosing multiple Featured ePortfolios, you can change the order in which they will display.  To do so, click and hold the directional arrow (6) to the left of the ePortfolio title, and drag to the desired place in the list.



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