Adding Digication as an LTI Tool

Our Integrations team can assist you with adding the Digication integration to your LMS.  

The Digication integration is an LTI application, so we will provide you with a unique consumer key and shared secret so you can add the LTI link to your LMS. If you have a sandbox environment for your LMS, we will test in the sandbox first, and then add the integration to your production environment. 

First, we will need the URLs for your LMS sandbox, if you have one, and your production LMS.  Please contact with this information.

Once we have your URLs, we will generate a unique consumer key and shared secret for your integration.  You can then follow your LMS's instructions for configuring an LTI or external learning tool. In addition to your key and secret, you will need the Tool URL for your LMS (click the LMS name to jump to the section below): 


If you don’t see your LMS listed here, contact and we will provide you with the tool URL for your integration.

If you need to connect Digication to Blackboard, please see the following article: Installing and Configuring Digication as a Blackboard Building Block

Once the Digication link is added, a user with Instructor access to a course in must click through the link to connect the course to Digication. If a student clicks the link before an instructor has made the initial connection, they will receive an error that says "Course Has Not Been Configured."

The following sections show how to access the area where you will configure Digication as an external tool for each LMS:


From your home page, select Site Administration (1).


From the side navigation menu, select Plugins > Activity modules > External tool, and then Manage tools (2).


On the Manage tools page, select configure a tool manually (3).


You will arrive at the External tool configuration page where you will enter your key and secret, as well as the following Tool URL:



Select Worksite Preferences (1) from the side navigation menu, and then select your course (2).


Select Site Info from the side navigation menu (3).


Select the External Tools tab (4).


Select Install LTI 1.X Tool (5)

You will arrive at the following screen where you will add your key and secret, and configure Digication as an LTI Tool.  You will need the following Tool URL:



On the Canvas Dashboard, select Admin (1)from the side navigation menu, and then click the name of your institution’s Canvas account (2).


Select Settings (3) from the side navigation menu, and then select the Apps tab (4).  Next, select View App Configurations, then the blue  +App button (5).


The following screen will pop-up where you will enter the following:

  • In the Configuration Type menu, select Paste XML
  • In the name field, enter Digication
  • Enter the consumer key provided by Digication
  • Enter the shared secret provided by Digication
  • In the XML configuration field copy and paste the XML located here:
  • Once you click Submit, you will see Digication listed as an External App.


When navigating to any course in Canvas in which you are enrolled, you can add Digication to the navigation menu by going to Settings > Navigation and dragging the Digication link into your menu.



Log in as an administrator. Click the gear wheel icon on the top right of your dashboard (1), and then select External Learning Tools (2) from the resulting dropdown.


Select New Link (3).


You will arrive at the New Link screen where you will enter your key and secret.




After logging in as an administrator, select Tools (1) from the top navigation menu, and then School Management (2) from the resulting dropdown.


From the side navigation menu, select Integration (3).


Select Add External Tool Provider (4).


You will enter your key and secret in the resulting pop-up window.  For Domain/URL, use the following:



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