RESOLVED: Digication errors reported - December 1, 2019

Dear Digication Community,

RESOLVED: an increase in errors experienced by our end users began at approximately 8:23pm Eastern time on December 1st. These errors persisted sporadically on Monday and Tuesday.

The intermittent system slowness and 50x errors on Digication started on Sunday night, 12/1/19, at 8:23pm(ET)and persisted sporadically for end-users, particularly during times of peak system usage, until Tuesday afternoon, 12/3/2019, at 2:00pm(ET).

Digication operates on a large array of servers and uses multiple load balancers to distribute traffic to each server. Unfortunately, the load balancers encountered problems and were not distributing the traffic as designed. The intermittent nature of the issues extended the time needed for diagnosis and resolution by our engineers. Once the source of the issues was identified, we were able to fine-tune the load balancers' settings to fully resolve the issues.

The nature of the resolution should prevent a reoccurrence for the future, and also improved the speed at which the system handles network traffic.

We are very sorry for the frustration and difficulty caused for our community during this busy time in the semester!

Kind regards,
Your friends at Digication

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