Accessing Digication in Blackboard

When accessing Digication through your Blackboard account, there are a few easy steps to get started. After logging into your account, select your course (1) from the My Courses menu.


On your course Home Page, select the Digication link (2). The location may vary based on course settings.


If you already have a Digication account, you will arrive at this screen (see below for further instructions):


If you do not yet have a Digication account, you will be greeted and see a prompt confirming that you would like to create a brand new Digication account that links to your Blackboard account. Click the Confirm button (3) to create your new linked account and access Digication.


To finalize account creation, you will be asked to click the checkbox to accept the Terms and Conditions, and then click I Agree (4).


You will arrive on your Digication course home page, where you can begin the ePortfolio creation process.  For instructions on doing so, please see the following article: Student Guide: Creating a Digication ePortfolio in an LMS


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