Digication Development Update - 1/10/20

Dear Digication Community,

In keeping with our commitment to providing a two-week notice in advance of any changes to our user interface, we wanted to let you know about an upcoming change to our Template Settings, as well as some recent bug fixes.

Template Settings Update

Currently, the Template Settings display all courses and individuals with which the template has been shared, and allow the user to share the template with additional courses and individuals.  


If the template has been shared with a course, however, the course number, sync ID, and course start and end dates are not displayed.  Users have requested that this information be included for ease of identifying the courses associated with a template.

Beginning on January 24, the course number, sync ID, and course start and end dates will appear alongside the course name in the template settings.


General Updates / Bug Fixes

In recent months, we have fixed bugs that were causing the following issues:

  • Unpredictable behavior from the top navigation menu in ePortfolios.
  • Organizer tool unable to successfully copy sections.
  • Conversations feature not saving comments properly.
  • HTML files uploaded to ePortfolio pages not displaying properly.
  • Section names not displaying properly.
  • Administration group membership giving improper access to ePortfolios.
  • Issues when reordering pages in the navigation menu.
  • Text prompts not displaying properly.
  • User profile form not saving properly.

If you have questions or feedback, as always, we encourage you to reach out to our team at support@digication.com.

Kind Regards,

Your Friends at Digication

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