Assignment Submission Troubleshooting

Did you mistakenly submit to an assignment?  Not to worry! Please read through the guide below to determine how to best resolve the issue.

Is the Assignment Locked or Unlocked?

First, you will want to determine if your assignment is locked or unlocked. If your instructor created the assignment to allow multiple submissions, then it will remain unlocked and will still appear in your list of available assignments:


Your next step will depend on whether you need to add to, or remove the assignment submission.

If your assignment is unlocked and you would like to add to the submission:

You’re in luck! You can go ahead and submit an updated version of your ePortfolio or evidence using the steps outlined in the following article: Submitting Your ePortfolio to an Assignment

If your assignment is unlocked and you would like to remove your submission:

You will need to contact Digication for assistance.  Please see below.

Contact Digication for further assistance:

If your assignment is locked or you need to remove your submission, please contact with the details of your situation. For the fastest resolution, please tell us the specific course and assignment you need assistance with, and if possible, also CC your instructor.  With your instructor’s permission, we can quickly and easily unlock your assignment and remove any mistakenly submitted evidence.

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