Submitting Your EdTPA Materials through Digication

After registering for a particular assessment with EdTPA, the Digication edTPA program guides you through the process of collecting and submitting the materials detailed in your EdTPA handbook.

Registering with EdTPA

Your method of registering for EdTPA will depend on your location.  For those in the state of Texas, registration can be completed through the following portal: 

Individuals in all other states will register through    

You will need to register through the appropriate portal for your location and purchase an authorization key that matches your EdTPA submission prior to transferring your EdTPA materials.

Accessing the EdTPA Tab for the First Time

You can begin creating your EdTPA submission by selecting the EdTPA tab (1) in your course. You will arrive at an informational screen, which provides an overview of the EdTPA process.


If you would like further information after reading the overview, you can take a tour of the EdTPA platform by selecting Begin Tour. Otherwise, select No thanks (3) to begin the submission process.


Beginning the Submission Process

To begin your submission, select the New edTPA Materials button (1).


Using the dropdown menu (2), select between either the Washington or National Handbooks, then use the resulting dropdown to select the Handbook to which you will be submitting (3). Finally, click Begin (4).


Your EdTPA handbook is organized into tasks, which are divided into multiple parts specifying the respective material(s) you should upload. Select the More dropdown to access resources that can help you with your submission.


Here, you can enter your Authorization Key (6), which you should have received when registering with EdTPA. Your Authorization Key must match the specific handbook you wish to submit. You can upload your materials before entering your key, but you will not be able to complete your submission until you have entered a valid Authorization Key.

You can also download a handbook that provides further guidance regarding the EdTPA submission process (7), and enable email notifications for any activity relating to your EdTPA Materials (8), for instance, comments left on the page by your instructor.


Uploading Your Files

For each part, select Upload a File (1) to access the file uploader and upload the appropriate material. As you upload to each part, the bar at the top of the page will display your progress (2).


When you have finished uploading your materials for each task and part, click the checkbox and select Preview Your EdTPA Materials (3).


Once you have confirmed that your materials are ready to be submitted, click the checkbox and select Transfer your EdTPA Materials to EdTPA (4). You will not be able to complete this step until you have entered your valid Authorization Key.


Need Help? 

If you need help with your EdTPA materials or run into trouble with transferring your materials to EdTPA, please contact us at for assistance.

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