Creating a System Notification

Digication Notifications provides an easy solution for communicating important messages to your campus community. Notifications can be sent to all Digication users in your system, or specifically to large groups of users: students, faculty, or admin. They will appear in the Notifications inbox on each users dashboard menu, but will not be sent as emails. A full overview of Digication Notifications can be found here.

Accessing System Notifications

For administrators, system notifications can be created through the Administration Dashboard, accessed through the Administration icon on the side navigation menu (1).


From the Administration Dashboard, select Notifications from the side menu (2).


On the Notifications page, you will see a list of all previous system notifications. To view the details of a notification, select the dropdown arrow to the left of the notification (3). To create a notification, select New Notification (4).


Creating a New Notification

To create a system notification, first enter a Title (1). This will appear as the first line of text in the notification. The Message field (2) is where you will enter the body text of the notification.


Using the link button (3), you can place a link in the body of your notification.


After scrolling down to the Notification Settings, select which group of users should receive the notification (4).

Next, you can designate whether new users will receive the notification (5). Users created at any time will ensure that all existing and future users receive the notification. Otherwise, you can choose to send the notification to Users created before [current date and time] or Users created after [current date and time].

To make the notification starred as important upon arrival, select the checkbox for Show as starred by default (6). When finished, do not forget to click Send.


The Notification will arrive in the inbox of all users belonging to the selected user group, displaying the name of the admin who created it, the title, message, and any links included.



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