Notification Settings

The Notification Settings can be accessed by clicking the gear icon at the top of the Notifications inbox (1)


In the Notifications settings, you have the option of turning on and off in-app notifications and email notifications by notification type*. For each notification type (2), there is a checkbox for App (3) and Email (4). These are checked by default, but can be unchecked to disable that type of notification. You can also use the Select All checkboxes (5) at the top of either column to enable or disable all App or Email notifications.

*Announcements and System Notifications are the exception as they can not be disabled for the Notifications app and do not have email notifications available.


In addition to the option of individually turning off email notifications for all categories, you can select Turn off all email notifications (6). If new categories are added in the future, they will have email notifications turned on by default. The purpose of the Turn off all email notifications toggle is to override this and ensure that you don’t receive any email notifications in the future.

If you do have email notifications activated, you can change the frequency at which you will receive them by clicking Email Settings (7).


Within the email settings, you can choose to either receive email notifications once every 15 minutes or once every hour when you are not active on your desktop. In the provided field (8), you can update the email address where you will receive email notifications.

Accessing Notification Settings through the User Profile

Your Notification Settings can also be accessed through your User Profile. After accessing your User Profile and selecting Manage Account, you will find a Notification Settings tab (1) which will give you access to the same settings outlined above.


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