Digication Development Update - 11/10/20

Dear Digication Community,

In recent months, we have implemented the following minor improvements and updates:

  • Search bar added to ePortfolio directory
  • Error message updated and clarified when attempting to copy content to a locked ePortfolio with the Organizer tool
  • Updated assignments in Courses to show the processing status of a submission
  • Improved logic of ePortfolio display order in Dashboard, ePortfolio Directory, and Administration
  • “User” csv export now contains a column specifying whether the user is on “Individual” or “Enterprise” plan.
  • Header pages submitted to assignment must now have a sub page selected to prevent blank header pages from being submitted
  • Users with “viewer” permission to an ePortfolio will no longer receive notifications relating to the ePortfolio
  • Improved error page for invalid password reset link
  • Users can now unsubscribe from email notifications without logging in

We have also fixed bugs that were causing the following issues:

  • Courses loading excessively slowly
  • Rich text toolbar when editing text modules not accessible in mobile view
  • Users unable to add “mailto” link with clickable image
  • My ePortfolios in dashboard listing too many irrelevant ePortfolios. Filter now defaults to not show ePortfolios shared with users as viewers.
  • Instruction sections blocking navigation drop-down in templates
  • Module order incorrect in mobile view in some cases
  • Equations not displaying in Conversations tool
  • Submit button requiring double click in Conversations
  • Error when searching the ePortfolio directory
  • Timeline.js embed not working
  • Special characters in names resulting in errors
  • View submissions button blocked by Conversations tool in mobile view
  • Issues when submitting an ePortfolio from the course assignment page
  • Instructors receiving blank screen when accessing ePortfolio through course
  • Gradebook not sending grades to Blackboard
  • Error when accessing list of featured ePs in new administrator tools
  • Trouble accessing Digication and viewing videos on mobile devices
  • Home page icon invisible in mobile view
  • Student ePortfolio submissions displaying pages in incorrect order
  • Broken image on the password reset screen
  • Broken thumbnail images in new administration tools
  • Selecting course end date not functioning properly
  • “Show More” button not functioning on Dashboard or Courses page
  • Users unable to remove their profile image
  • Students receiving notifications for rubric steps set to only be visible to faculty
  • Users with “viewer” permission to an ePortfolio receiving Conversation notifications when not involved in Conversation thread
  • Drag and drop temporarily not working
  • Bug with numeric display of opacity slider in module/section settings
  • Users receiving notifications for past submissions

If you have questions or feedback, as always, we encourage you to reach out to our team at support@digication.com

Kind Regards,

Your Friends at Digication

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