RESOLVED: Digication File Uploads and File Display Issues February 10, 2021

Dear Digication Community,

UPDATE: This issue is now considered fully-resolved by AWS. AWS reports that the errors were caused by connectivity issues with some of their load balancers. The issues began at 2:24pm Eastern time. Display issues for our users were resolved at approximately 4:15pm Eastern, and file upload issues were resolved at approximately 5:10pm. The incident was considered fully-resolved by AWS at 7:31pm Eastern time.

Users experienced difficulty uploading new files to Digication and also experienced display issues for previously-uploaded files and thumbnail images.

Users were seeing blank spaces where images or files should display, or errors on the modules containing those files. None of the previously-uploaded images had been lost or removed, and those images and files are now displaying correctly again. New files are also uploading successfully again.

These errors were due to widespread AWS network issues that have been affecting Digication file uploads and file conversions. The issue is not yet considered fully-resolved. AWS status updates can be found here.

We will update this announcement with more information about the duration and underlying cause of the issues as they become available.

We are very sorry for the concern and frustration this has been causing for our community!

Kind regards,

Your friends at Digication

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