The Prompt Module

The Prompt module is an additional way to provide instructions in a template. This is a module designed primarily for faculty, administrators and instructional designers for the purpose of creating ePortfolio templates. 

The Prompt module allows a template designer to create placeholder modules with prompts and suggested module types directly in the template so students can use them to create content more conveniently.

An instructor can choose from a variety of preset prompt options or customize the prompt for their unique activity.

Adding a Prompt Module

To add a Prompt module to your Template, click on the Template page where you would like to add the module.

Click the blue add button (1) at the bottom right-hand side of the page.

Then, select the Prompt module (2).


The Prompt Builder will open so you can create the Prompt. Add the instructions for your Prompt (3) in the text area.



Then, select the Prompt Type. You can select from a list of preset module types (4)


or you can customize your own combination of modules (5).


Once you’ve selected the Prompt Type, click SAVE (6).


The Prompt module will be added to your Template (7).


Editing a Prompt Module

Editing Prompt Style 

Once the Prompt module is added to your template, you can edit the module settings by selecting the Settings icon (1) to access the module style settings.

You have several options to customize your background image or color. Select a color (2) option for your background from the color palette or you can customize further by entering a hex code (3).

You can also add a background image to the module (4).

For more information about customizing your Module Background, you can read the article on Customizing Module Background Color and Image.


Editing Prompt Type and Instructions

You can also access the Prompt Builder if you’d like to change the type of Prompt in the module or edit the instructions. Click the Prompt Builder drop down arrow and click EDIT (1)

This will open the Prompt Builder, and you can make any changes that you’d like. Click the SAVE button (2)  to save the changes.


Once your Prompt is ready, publish the template page that contains the Prompt module. This will make the Prompt module visible on the template.

Adding Content to a Prompt Module

When a template with a Prompt module is used to create an ePortfolio, the Prompt module is initially only visible when the ePortfolio is in EDIT mode (1). It will not appear in the Published View of the ePortfolio until content is added. To add content to the Prompt module, click the blue plus sign (2). 


If the Prompt module is set to show one module type, the module will appear immediately. If the prompt module is set to show multiple module types, options for each module type will be shown (3)


Once a user adds content to the Prompt module and publishes the changes, the Prompt module will convert to a content module. The added content will be visible in PUBLISHED VIEW (4).


In Edit mode, the content in the module can be edited and the original Prompt instructions will be visible when the module is selected (5).





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