Grade settings

Version: Kora Courses, April 14, 2023 or later

Permissions required: Faculty

  • Courses in Digication Kora Courses have default grade settings.
  • Faculty members can customize grade settings.
  • This allows for mapping values between different grading methods.

Open grade settings

  • You can get to grade settings through a course or an assignment. Changes made to grade settings apply course-wide.

Open through a course

  1. Click on a course (1).

The Digication dashboard, with a numerical guide, 1, marking a course

  1. Click “Menu” (2), then “Grade Settings” (3).


Open through an assignment

  1. Edit the assignment.
  2. Scroll to the “Grade” section.
  3. Click “Grade settings” (4).

A Digication Kora 'update assignment' page, with numerical guides marking the following: 4, 'grade settings

Change the passing score

      1. Click “Edit” (1).


    2. Enter a number in “Passing score” (1).

    3. Click “Save” (2).


Change grade settings

NOTE: Regardless of whether numeric grades are being used, the numeric grades column is mandatory in order to calculate averages and pass grades back to the LMS.

Change number or label

  1. Click next to a number or label (1, 2).
  2. Enter the new number or label.
  3. Click “Save” (3).


  • Move the cursor to the cell where you entered the new value (4).
  • The entered value will be displayed as a tooltip (5).2415-21.png

Add or delete row and label

Add row and label

  1. Click “Add row” (1).


NOTE: The new row will be added at the bottom with a value of zero. Changing the value will move the row into the proper position.

  1. Enter a value (2) and label (3).
  2. Click “Save” (4).


Delete row and label

  1. Hover over the row you want to delete.
  2. Click “Delete row” (5).
  3. Click “Save” (6).


Custom labels

Add custom label


A faculty member might add a custom label to set up pass/fail grade settings.

  1. Click “Add custom label” (1).


  1. Enter the name (2).
  2. Enter labels (3).
  3. Click “Save” (4).


NOTE: Once a custom label is created, the settings in the “Grade” section of “Update assignment or activity” can be changed to use that label. Please see the “Grade" section of “Create, edit, or delete assignments” for more information.

Delete custom label

  1. Hover over the custom label you want to delete.
  2. Click “Remove custom label” (5).
  3. Click “Save” (6).


To learn about how to send a grade back to an LMS please see the "Grading assignments" and "Grade sync" sections in the articles listed under "LMS Integration Overview".

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