Remove or delete outcomes

Version: Kora Courses, April 14, 2023 or later

Permissions required: Faculty

Remove an outcome to disconnect it from a course, assignment, or submission without deleting it.

Delete an outcome to erase it altogether.

Faculty members can remove:

  • Program-level outcomes from their courses.
  • Course-based outcomes from their courses.
  • Assignment based outcomes.
  • Submission-based outcomes, additional outcomes created during the assessment process for specific submissions

Faculty members can delete:

  • Course-based outcomes.
  • Submission-based outcomes.

Remove outcome

  1. Hover over the outcome, click "Outcome info ( )" (1) then “Remove” (2).


Delete outcome

  1. Hover over the outcome, click “Outcome info ( )” (1) then “Edit” (2).


  1. Click “Delete outcome and related assessment data” (3) and confirm (4).

'Edit outcome', with a numerical guide, 3, marking 'Delete outcome and related assessment data'  

The 'Delete this Outcome' confirmation dialog box, with a numerical guide, 4, marking 'Yes, delete it'.

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