Grade, assess, and provide feedback on submissions

Version: Kora Courses, April 15, 2023 or later

Permissions required: Faculty

  1. Select the assignment (1).
  2. The page provides information on the number of students who have and have not submitted (2).


  1. Click to send messages (3) to either or both student groups.


Review submissions

  1. Click “Review submissions” (1).


  1. Click the submissions list (2).
  2. Click a submitter’s profile (4) or on a submission (5).
  3. When there are multiple submissions, each will be shown.

NOTE: Click (3) or (6) to send messages to student groups or to individual students.


  1. Change submitter by clicking “Previous” (7), “Next” (10), or on a submitter profile (8).
  2. When a submitter has submitted only once, clicking the timestamp next to their profile (9) will open that submission.


  1. When a submitter has submitted multiple times, a “+1” (11) appears next to their profile.
  2. Clicking on a timestamp brings up a timestamped list of submissions (12).
  3. Click on a submission (13) to view it.


Grade submissions

  1. Click “Grade” (1).
  2. Enter a grade (2).
  3. Click “Save” (3).

NOTE: An upcoming LTI Integration will allow sending grades from Digication to the LMS.


Assess submissions using outcomes

  1. Click “Outcomes” to begin outcome-based assessment of submission (1).
  2. Click outcomes (2) relevant to a submission.


  1. For outcomes with associated rubrics, fill out the rubric (3).


  • For more information about creating and adding outcomes based on submission content, please see “Add outcomes to or create outcomes for a submission.”

Provide feedback on submissions using Conversations

  • Conversations allow two-way conversation between faculty members and students.
  1. Click “Conversations” (1).
  2. Enter a comment about the entire page (2) or select text and comment on it (3).

NOTE: Text selection works only with text created in Digication. Text in uploaded documents cannot be selected.


  1. Format your comment (4).
  2. The submitter will be included automatically in those with permission to view the Conversation (5).
  3. Make the Conversation viewable to faculty members or student groups (6).
  4. Make the Conversation viewable by additional individuals in the course (7).
  5. Click “Send” (8).


To learn about how to send a grade back to an LMS please see the "Grading assignments" and "Grade sync" sections in the articles listed under "LMS Integration Overview".

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