Dashboard overview

Version: Kora Courses, April 14, 2023 or later

Permissions required: Student

When you log into Digication Kora, you will see the dashboard. The dashboard has four sections:

Open dashboard with global navigation menu

  1. Expand the Global Navigation Menu by clicking "Toggle Global Navigation Menu" (1).
  2. You can see the dashboard by clicking “Home” (2).


My assignments and activities

  1. “My Assignments & Activities” displays the assignment list (1). and the details of the selected assignment (2).


  1. Students can mark in-progress assignments as starred or hidden.
    1. Students can mark high priority assignments as starred assignments to place them at the top.
    2. Students can mark low priority and completed assignments as hidden assignments.
  2. For more information, please see “My assignments and activities".
  3. Begin work on an assignment by clicking “Add Work” (3).


  1. Click on the work in progress (5) to continue your work.
  2. Click “Submit” (4) to submit your work.


  1. Click the filter icon (6) to filter assignments by course and display additional course information.
    1. ‘Course/Group time frame' (7).

      This option enables users to filter assignments based on the course or group time frame (Current, Future, and Past). To apply this filter, select the desired option and activate it by clicking the checkbox.

    2. ‘Display Course/Group info’ (8).

      Users can opt to display additional information related to the course or group, including Name (9), Number (10), and Sync ID (11). Activate this option by checking the corresponding checkbox.



  1. Ensure your preferred settings, including chosen filters, are saved by selecting 'Remember my options.' (12). This option is displayed only if there is a change to the applied filters.


My works

  1. “My Works” (1) includes your works, templates, and any works and templates shared with you.
  2. To add work outside of the context of assignments, click “Create Work” (2). You will be redirected to a page where you can create a work.


  1. “My Works” initially shows up to six works. To see additional works, click “Show More” (4).
  2. Click a work (3) to continue working on it.


  1. Search for work or templates (5).
  2. Click filter (6) to filter works by type and permission.
    • Type:
      • Created by me (7): Shows only the work created by the user.
      • Shared with me (8): Shows only the work that has been shared directly (not through courses) with you.
      • My subscriptions (9): Shows only the work to which you have subscribed.
      • Templates (10): Shows only the templates created by you or shared with you.
    • Permissions:
      • Admin (11): Shows works on which you have administrator permission.
      • Editor (12): Shows works on which you have editor permission.
      • Publisher (13): Shows works on which you have publisher permission.
      • Viewer (14): Shows the works that you have been given viewing access to.


My courses and groups

  1. In “My courses and groups” you can see the courses in which you are enrolled.
  2. Search for courses in which you are enrolled (1).
  3. You can view current (2), archived (3), or future (4) courses.
  4. “My courses” lists up to six courses by default. Click “Show More” (5) to see more courses.


  1. Click on a course (6) to open its home page. Here you can find assignments, works, people, and grades related to the course (7).



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