Share and publish your Work for the first time

Version: Kora Courses, November 02, 2023 or later

Permissions required: Student

Share your Work for the first time

  • The first time you share and publish your ePortfolio, several additional options are available to guide you through the process. If you are not sharing for the first time, please see “Share and publish your work.”

  • Click “Share” (1).


  • Click “View Recommended Settings” (2).


If the template creator sets recommended settings, those settings will appear in the “Share Settings” panel. If not, a set of general settings will appear there. In either case, you will be able to specify ePortfolio settings.

Set ePortfolio thumbnail, title, or URL


  • Click “Choose Thumbnail” (1) to customize the ePortfolio thumbnail.


  • Upload a new image or select one from “Previous Uploads.”

For more information about uploading files, please see “Uploading files to your ePortfolio”. 

For more information about searching for and uploading images within the Digication Library, please see “Image search”.


  • You can change your ePortfolio title to anything you wish.


  • As long as you haven't placed your cursor in the URL field, the URL will automatically adjust to reflect your ePortfolio title.
  • URLs can contain alpha-numeric characters from the US-English keyset including hyphens, underscores, and periods.

Set ePortfolio permissions

  • Click the arrow (1) to set ePortfolio permissions.
  • Select Private, Private within [your school], or Public (2).
    • Private: The default new ePortfolio setting. It allows viewing only by you and your institution’s Digication Administrators.
    • Private within [your school]: Allows viewing by all logged-in faculty and students at your institution. If “Show in Directory” is also selected, users will be able to search for and access your ePortfolio through the ePortfolio directory.
    • Public: Allows viewing by individuals outside your institution and indexing by search engines.


Share with additional individuals, groups, or courses

If the template creator recommended that the ePortfolio be shared with a course, faculty and student groups from that course will be set as viewers in this section (3).


  • Set additional permissions for individuals, groups, or courses by searching for them by name, email address, or ID number (4).
  • Click on the name of the individual, group, or course you wish to add in the search results (5).


  • Click the arrow to show available permissions (6).
  • Select Viewer, Editor, Publisher, or Administrator (7).
    • Viewer: Able to view the ePortfolio even if permissions are set to Private to Me.
    • Editor: Able to add and edit content.
    • Publisher: Able to add and edit content and to publish changes.
    • Administrator: Able to add/edit content, publish changes, and manage ePortfolio permissions.
  • Click "Remove Permission" to stop sharing with the selected individual or group.


  • There may be an “Additional sharing recommendation” encouraging you to share your ePortfolio with a course or group (8).
  • Attempting to save settings without specifying a course or group will cause a red line to appear below “Search to add more people / group / course” (10).
  • Click “Skip Sharing” to bypass course or group addition (9).


Enable "Additional sharing recommendation".

  • Access template settings and enable "Prompt user to choose a course for sharing" under "RECOMMENDED SHARING SETTINGS FOR USERS OF THIS TEMPLATE."
  • Save the template after making the changes.
  • Create a new ePortfolio using the modified template and set the permission of the newly created ePortfolio to "private within Myschool" or "public" to enable the option to skip "Additional sharing recommendation."


Additional sharing settings

  • Set whether the ePortfolio will have password protection (1) (3).
  • Set whether the ePortfolio will appear in the school-wide directory and your user profile (2) (4).



Save ePortfolio settings

  • When satisfied with your ePortfolio’s permission and sharing settings, click “Save” (1).


  • You will see a message stating that settings were saved (2).
  • You will also be given the chance to publish (3). For more information about publishing your ePortfolio, please see “Publish your Work for the first time”.


Publish your work for the first time

  • Immediately after saving initial sharing settings, you will see a confirmation message (1).


NOTE: If you’re publishing for the first time without this confirmation message, please see the “Publish your Work” section of “Share and publish your Work.”

  • Click “Publish this Page” (2) to publish the current page.
  • Click the arrow (3), then click “Publish Pages” (4) to publish multiple pages.


  • Click “All Pages” (5) to select all pages for publication.
  • Click individual pages to select them for publication (6). Note that the checks next to pages selected for publication are green.
  • When finished making your selections, click “PUBLISH” (7).

The 'publish eportfolio' page, with numerical guides marking the following: 5, 'all pages'; 6, an individual page; 7, 'publish'


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