Edit share settings of a template

Version: Kora Courses, April 14, 2023 or later

Permissions required: Faculty

  1. Click a template (1).

The dashboard's 'My works' section, with a numerical guide, 1, marking a template

  1. Click “Edit” (2).

A Digication template, with a numerical guide, 2, marking the 'edit' button

  1. Click “Share” (3), then “Share settings” (4).

A Digication template opened for editing; numerical guides mark the following: 3: 'share'; 4, 'share settings'

  1. Click “Edit settings” (5).

An open Digication template, with the 'share' panel open; a numerical guide, 5, marks the 'edit settings' button

  • The template share settings are identical to the work share settings.
  • For more information about template/work share settings, please see “Share and publish your work.”
  1. When finished changing share settings, click “Save” (6).


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