Create a template for general use

Version: Kora Courses, April 14, 2023 or later

Permissions required: Faculty

  • Templates in Digication Kora Courses can be created
    • During the assignment-creation process – not addressed in this article.
    • Outside the assignment-creation process, for more general use.


A template for an annual showcase event.

Open or create work for creating a template

  1. Open or create work that will be used for creating a template.
  2. Click “Portfolio actions” (1), then “Add as template” (2).

A work page, with the Portfolio actions menu open; numerical guides mark the following: 1, 'portfolio actions'; 2, 'add as template'

Set template settings

  1. Specify how your template appears and who can use the template to build works.

Set template information

  1. Enter a title (required) (1).
  2. Select a thumbnail, enter a description, customize the URL, specify a license (all optional).
  3. Upload a new image or select one from “Previous Uploads.”

The 'template settings' page; a numerical guide, 1, marks the template title

Set who can see the template

  1. Set template permissions (2).


    • Private allows viewing only by you, your institution’s Digication Administrators, and any individuals, courses, or groups with which you share the template.
    • Private within [your school] allows viewing by all logged-in faculty members and students at your institution.

NOTE: Templates set to “Private within [your school]” must be approved by one of your school’s Digication Administrators before it becomes available to all users.

  1. Add individuals, courses, or groups by searching for (3) and clicking on them (4).

The 'template settings' page; numerical guides mark the following: 3, the search box for searching for people or courses to give permissions to; 4, a search result

  • You can notify people with whom the template is shared and customize the notification (5).
  • These include permission, sharing, and other settings recommended for works created using the template.
  • They appear as recommended settings the first time people share works created from the template.

NOTE: These are suggestions only.

  1. Toggle on to set recommended settings (6) and set recommendations (7).

Save template

  1. Click “Save” (8).

The 'template settings' page; numerical guides mark the following: 5, 'notify all users listed above' toggle; 6, 'the following settings will be recommended to any users using this template' toggle; 7, recommended settings toggles; 8, 'save'

  • The template will be created and will open (9). You can edit it further.

A newly-created template, marked with numerical guide 9.

Please note the following about template creation

  • A template will not be created until “Save” is clicked.
  • When a template is created, the work from which it is created is removed.
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