Template notifications and approvals for administrators

Digication administrators receive email notifications anytime a template is saved as “Private within [your school]” in “Template Settings.”

Templates Saved as Private within your School

  • Templates saved by students or faculty members as “Private within [your school]” in “Template Settings” require Digication administrator approval before becoming visible to an institution’s general users.

NOTE: Any individuals, courses, or groups with which the template is shared in “Template Settings” (1) or “Share Settings” (2) will have immediate access to the template.

A Digication template, with the 'Template settings' panel open and marked by the numerical guide 1.   A Digication template, with the 'Share settings' panel open and marked by the numerical guide 2.

  • Templates saved as “Private within [your school]” by administrators receive automatic approval and are visible in the Library immediately.

Digication Notifications

  • When students or faculty members save templates as “Private within [your school],” Digication administrators with appropriate Notification Settings receive a Digication Notification requesting review and approval of the template (3).

  • Click the notification to open the template requiring approval.

Review, Change, and Approve Templates Requiring Approval

  • Click “Review Permission” (4).

A Digication template; a numerical guide, 4, marks 'review permission'

  • Review and, if necessary, make changes to Template Settings (5).
  • Approve the template by doing one of the following:
    • Select “Make a Copy” (6), then “Approve” (7) to create a copy of the template and approve that copy.
    • Click only “Approve” (7) to approve the current template without making a copy.

The 'template settings' page that opens after clicking on 'review permission'; numerical guides mark the following: 5, the 'template settings' page; 6, 'make a copy'; 7, 'approve'

Identify Templates Requiring Approval using Administration Tools

  • Click “Administration Beta” (8).



  • Click “Templates” (9), then “New Digication” (10).

The Administration Beta dashboard, with numerical guides marking the following: 9, 'templates'; 10, 'new digication'

  • Click the arrow (11).
  • Select “Templates Pending Admin Approval” (12).
  • Click “Filter” (13).

The administration beta new digication templates page, with numerical guides marking the following: 11, the arrow to be clicked to change groups to be searched; 12, 'templates pending admin approval'; 13, 'filter'

  • Only templates requiring approval will be shown (14).

a filtered version of new digication templates, showing only templates requiring admin approval

  • Select templates to review, change, and approve as outlined earlier in this article.
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