LMS integration production release launch with grade and roster syncing features

Dear Digication Community, 

We are excited to announce that the Digication LTI 1.3 integration is out of "beta" status and ready for production! We are officially concluding the beta period for LTI 1.3 on October 18, 2023 with the release of two new features for our LTI 1.3 Integration for Kora Courses:

  • Grade Sync
  • Roster Sync

These new features will enable a more robust integration between your LMS and Digication and improve your ability to manage your courses.

Note: Our LTI 1.1 integration will continue to work for Digication classic courses through September 2024. The LTI 1.1 and 1.3 integrations can work simultaneously and independently between your LMS and Digication.

New LTI for Kora Feature Highlights 

Grade Sync 

  • Auto-populate a grade column in your LMS’s gradebook for your Digication assignments
  • Send grades from Digication to your LMS upon save
  • Send grade updates from Digication to your LMS upon save

Roster Sync

  • Automatic initial roster sync upon LMS course connection with Digication
  • Ability to manually roster sync at any time
  • Support for new enrollments and drops from your LMS

Resource Articles

The following resource articles will provide you with detailed information about setting up your LTI for Kora integration and ensuring that these new features are available. 

Administrator installation resource 

Faculty resources

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