LMS Integration for Kora (LTI 1.3) - Moodle Setup for Admins

Version: Kora Courses, November 10, 2023 or later

Permissions required: Administrator

Our Integrations team can assist you with adding the Digication LTI for Kora integration to your LMS. Read more about
LMS Integration for Kora.

Digication will provide the unique LTI application information needed to create your Digication integration in your LMS. If you need to obtain this information, contact Digication Support at support@digication.com.

Once you have the LTI application information, follow the steps below to configure the integration in your Moodle environment.

Step 1: Create the external tool

  • From the Moodle dashboard, go to “Site administration” (1) and select “Plugins” (2)

  • Under “External tool” (3), select “Manage tools” (4)

  • Click on “configure a tool manually” (5).


Use the information provided by Digication to complete the tool configuration shown here.



  • Tool configuration usage (8): Show as preconfigured tool when adding an external tool.
  • Default launch container (9): New window
  • Check “Supports Deep Linking (Content-Item Message)” (10)

  • Next, expand the Services (1) and Privacy sections (2)

Choose the following in the dropdown menus: 


  • IMS LTI Assignment and Grade Services:  Use this service for grade sync and column management (3).        
  • IMS LTI Names and Role Provisioning: Use this service to retrieve members' information as per privacy settings (4).         
  • Tool Settings: Use this service (5).


  • Share launcher's name with tool: Always (6)    
  • Share launcher's email with tool:  Always (7)             
  • Accept grades from the tool: Always (8)
  • Click “Save changes” (9) to save your configuration.


Step 2: Provide your integration configuration to Digication

  • Once your configuration is saved, you will see a thumbnail for your new integration listed under the Tools area (1)
  • Click the bulleted list icon to view your unique configuration details (2).


Please copy and send this information to support@digication.com to continue your integration configuration.

Digication will use your client ID to initiate the configuration in your Digication system. 

Step 3: Test and confirm field mapping

The Digication integrations team will assist you with testing your integration and reviewing and confirming what fields will be mapped in the LTI for Kora integration. We will add and test the Digication course link and add and test connecting to a Digication assignment. Please have a course available for testing when you meet with Digication. 

Schedule a meeting with our integrations team to complete your LTI for Kora integration.

We provide a number of integration options. Each option will be discussed during the setup process.

Integration options

We provide a number of integration options. Each option will be discussed during the setup process.

Field Title Field Description Possible Values
allowCreateUser Option for the LTI integration to create a new Digication account for a user if they don’t have one.




Option for the LTI integration to create a Digication course that is connected to the LMS course.




Option for the LTI integration to create a Digication assignment that can be accessed via the LMS course. 




Option to import all users from the LMS course to the Digication course on the first launch.




Options for systems where a single LMS system is connected to multiple Digication instances.

To be discussed on a case by case basis

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