Kora transition overview: admin (IT / integration) without Classic course experience

Version: Kora Courses, January 2024 or later
Permissions required: Administrator

Key Features:

  • Kora simplifies the creation and management of courses and assignments.
  • Kora supports SSO and LTI integration. Kora's LTI integration features advanced functionality such as grade transfer to your LMS.
  • For large-scale data management, Kora offers robust capabilities through CSV import.

A. Smooth transition for users familiar with courses and assignments.

  • Kora now simplifies the process of creating and managing courses and assignments without multiple steps, making it much easier to use.


B. While Single Sign-On (SSO) is supported, we highly recommend integrating Digication Kora with your Learning Management System (LMS) for a more enhanced user experience and functionality.

  • Integrating with your LMS ensures smooth data exchange and synchronized workflows.
  • Users can log in once and access both platforms, providing a seamless experience.

C. For large-scale data management, CSV import offers the best features and capabilities, ensuring efficient and comprehensive data handling.

  • Enables administrators to efficiently handle extensive data sets, ensuring accurate and comprehensive data organization. 
  • By leveraging CSV import, administrators can save time and effort while maintaining data integrity.


NOTE: To ensure a smooth transition we encourage you to thoroughly read the documentation on “Enable Kora for your system or selected individuals”, which will provide valuable insights and guidance on Digication Kora.

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