New Digication Updates Released 1/17/17


Dear Digication Administrators,

We are excited to announce today that we have released updates to New Digication. With this release there will be numerous updates as well as fixes to a number of bugs that were uncovered in the last release. Here’s a summary of changes:


  • Option to remove previously selected color from pages, slides and modules
  • Changed ePortfolio settings title, grammar issues
  • Changed ePortfolio sharing custom permissions description
  • Changed background image option from "Parallax" to "Fixed", functionality the same
  • Increased size/icon of page menu item drag handles
  • Changed Add Content module from "Slide Section" to "Slide"
  • Changed "Style Library" icon and thumbnail
  • Changed "Submit" button language
  • Changed default height of page menu
  • Added default background image to new slides
  • Added backgrounds to all styles 
  • Added individual background opacity controls
  • Adjusted pre-defined styles
  • Adjusted image display settings
  • Added individual background opacity controls
  • Added option to remove background images
  • Added support of embedded content such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Prezi, etc.
    • Please note if your school has a custom embed it is not yet supported but we are working towards supporting them in the future. A list of supported embeds is available on our help desk.
  • Ability to add New Digication templates at system level (Admin Feature)
  • Additional content type display and content filter by search in Add Content page
  • Updated color scheme of the Add Content page (see screenshot below)


Add Content Page
The Add Content page includes more content options as well as the addition of a content type filter and view of recently used content types. This page also has a new color scheme that will be reflected through the updates we are making to New Digication. The content options listed on this page are not all active yet but will be soon. Stay tuned for updates! 

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed module toolbar that was not showing up properly when a module had background color or image
  • Fixed bug that caused text modules to error if there was no content
  • Fixed bug allowing users to click a navigation item marked as a non-clickable "heading"
  • Fixed bug where page menu dropdown wouldn't show if the top-level page was a heading
  • Fixed bug where hidden pages were showing in published mode
  • Fixed hidden pages styling
  • Fixed bug where "show" link was not clickable on modules containing a background element
  • Fixed bug where deleted pages were not actually deleted from page menu
  • Fixed bug where deleted modules showed on the page until next refresh
  • Fixed auto-save sluggishness in page menu while editing menu items
  • Fixed bug where user should be redirected to a different page if they deleted the current page
  • Fixed inconsistent style brush icons in sidebar
  • Fixed bug where Upload window was not scrollable
  • Fixed bug where after hiding page navigation editing tools the show button became inactive
  • Fixed bug where background image opacity slider did not adjust opacity
  • Fixed bug where a sub-page page could not be published if parent page was a heading
  • Fixed bug where media module toolbar was not showing correctly
  • Fixed bug where dropdown menus were not showing up in published mode 
  • Fixed display bug where heading pages were not styled properly 
  • Fixed slide ordering bug where slides displayed out of order
  • Fixed bug where media modules were only clickable on edge
  • Added backgrounds and fonts for default style library

Our development team is working on hard on additional new features and fixes. We will keep you updated as these updates are ready for release. There will be many more changes to come. Once New Digication has reached maturity and planned features have been released the frequency of changes will be reduced and changes will be made with more advanced notice.

We would like to take this time to thank all of the schools that have been participating in exploring the early releases of New Digication. We appreciate your enthusiasm and support during this time. Your feedback has been enormously valuable to us!

Kind regards,
Your friends at Digication

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