LMS Integration for Kora (LTI 1.3) - Sakai Setup for Admins

Version: Kora Courses, June 01, 2024 or later

Permissions required: Administrator

The Digication integration team can assist you with adding the Digication LMS Integration for Kora (LTI 1.3) to your LMS.   Read more about LMS Integration for Kora (LTI 1.3) - Setup for Admins.

Digication will provide the unique LTI application information needed to create your Digication integration in your LMS. Please contact Digication Support at support@digication.com to generate all necessary LTI application information for your system.

Once you have the LTI application information, follow the steps below to configure the integration in your Sakai environment.

Step 1: Create the external tool

  • From the Sakai dashboard, click Administration Workspace (1) and then select External Tools (2). Click “Install LTI 1.x Tool” (3).


  • Use the information provided by Digication to complete the tool configuration shown here.
    • Under Tool Title (4): You can select this.
    • Under Button Text (5): You can select this.



    • Under “Configuration dialog when tool is selected”, select “Bypass configuration dialog” (7).
    • Under “Privacy settings”, Services, and Tools can generally accept LTI Launches or a Content-Item/Deep-Link section, check all boxes. (8).
    • Under “Indicate where these tools are placed in Sakai”, check the first three boxes (9).
    • Under “Launch in Popup”, select “Always launch in Popup” (10).
    • Under “Debug Launch”, select “Never launch in debug mode” (11).


    • Leave Custom Parameters blank (12)
    • Select “Tool supports LTI 1.3” (13).
    • LTI 1.3 Tool Keyset URL (14): https://lti.digication.com/srvs/campus-api/lti/jwks
    • LTI 1.3 Open ID connect/Initialization Endpoint (15): https://lti.digication.com/srvs/campus-api/lti/login
    • LTI 1.3 Tool Redirect Endpoint(s) (16): https://lti.digication.com/srvs/campus-api/lti/auth-callback
  • Click Save Changes to save your configuration (17).


Step 2: Provide your integration configuration to Digication

Please copy and send this information to support@digication.com to continue your integration configuration (1).

Digication will use your client ID to initiate the configuration in your Digication system. 


Step 3: Confirm Field Mapping

The Digication integrations team will assist you with reviewing and confirming what fields will be mapped in the LTI for Kora integration. You will need to confirm the following system options as well:

Field Title Field Description Possible Values
createUser Option for the LTI integration to create a new Digication account for a user if they don’t have one.



ImportCourseRosterOnTheFirstLaunch Option to import all users from the LMS course to the Digication course on the first launch.



filter Options for systems where a single LMS system is connected to multiple Digication instances. To be discussed on a case by case basis

Once the mapping is confirmed, your integration is ready to be used.

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