Winner Announcement! Spring 2019 Student Scholars Showcase Competition

Congratulations to the winner of the Spring 2019 Digication Student Scholars Showcase Competition: Solimar Kwa!

You can view Solimar’s ePortfolio at the following link:


Solimar is in her second year at the University of Virginia where she serves as an ePortfolio Peer Consultant.  In this role, she helps students and faculty use Digication through one-on-one sessions and class visits.

Solimar used her Showcase ePortfolio to chronicle her progression through her Introduction to Drawing course.  As her first college-level art class, it was a new and challenging experience, thus providing ample opportunity for personal reflection within the ePortfolio.  

Solimar’s ePortfolio features a simple and effective design with a well-organized structure.  She utilized multiple, single-level pages to organize the ePortfolio by the various techniques she learned in the class.  On each page, she describes the technique, provides examples of her work, and gives a short reflection on learning the technique.  She made clever use of internal links, as well as the Clickable Image feature, in order to provide navigation buttons at the bottom of each page.  She also recorded and embedded a Final Reflection video, which our judges particularly appreciated, with one saying,

I really appreciated the video reflection at the end since after seeing each of the art pieces, it was meaningful to hear directly from the artist herself in her own words.

We would like to offer a huge Thank You to each of our Student Scholars, all of whom contributed amazing ePortfolios to the Showcase competition, and did a fantastic job of sharing their knowledge of ePortfolios with their peers over the course of the semester.  You can view their ePortfolios and blog posts here.

Additionally, we would like to thank the judges of our Showcase Competition, who generously donated their time and expertise, providing thoughtful and thorough evaluations of each ePortfolio.  Their efforts are greatly appreciated!  They are:

  • Jordi Getman-Eraso - CUNY Bronx Community College
  • Elaine Gray - Appalachian State University
  • Amy Cheatle - Cornell University
  • Helen L. Chen - Stanford University

The Student Scholars program will resume in Fall of 2019.  If you are interested in participating, or have any questions, please feel free to contact the Program Coordinator, Drew Albenesius, at

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