Add or remove Work

Version: Kora Courses, April 14, 2023 or later

Permissions required: Student

Add work

  1. Select an assignment and click “Add work” (1).


  1. Choose an existing work (2), or create a new one (3).

The page that appears after clicking 'add work'; numerical guides mark the following: 2, a work; 3, 'create new'

Add to existing work

  1. If asked to select work, select pages (4) and click “Add” (5).

The 'select work' page, with numerical guides marking the following: 4, a page; 5, 'add'

  • New pages containing prompts or multiple pages based on templates (described later in this article) may be added to your existing work.

Add content

  • The new pages created may contain one or more prompts (6).
  1. Follow the instructions on the prompt to add content (7, then 8).

A work page, with numerical guides marking the following: 6, a prompt; 7, prompt instructions  

A work page after 'add work' on a prompt has been clicked; a numerical guide, 8, marks prompt instructions

  • The work created might also be based on a template, a powerful tool that faculty members use to customize the experience, including prompts, instructions, organizational structure, and the look and feel of the work (9).

A work page for an assignment using a template, marked by numerical guide 9

Remove work

  1. Select the assignment.
  2. Hover over the work in progress and click “Remove assignment work” (1).


  1. Confirm that you want to remove the work.

NOTE: Removing work only removes its association with the assignment. All works and pages will continue to be available in “My Works” (2). For information on deleting works permanently, please see “Delete work.”

The 'my works' section of the Digication dashboard, with a numerical guide, 2, marking a work

Remove submission(s)

NOTE: Removing submissions deletes the submissions permanently. The works on which the submissions are based remain available.

  1. Select the assignment.

Remove most recent submission

  1. Hover over the most recent submission, then click “Remove submission” (3).


  1. Confirm that you want to remove the submission.

Remove older submission

  1. Click “More” (4).
  2. Click “Remove submission” (5).


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