Add or unenroll students or faculty members

Version: Kora Courses, April 14, 2023 or later

Permissions required: Faculty

faculty members and students can be added to and unenrolled from courses in multiple ways.

CSV import 

LTI integration with your LMS

  • Students and faculty members can be added or unenrolled using LTI.
  • This requires that an LTI connection be set up by an institution’s Digication or LMS administrator.
    • Please see “LMS integration” for more information about setting up an LTI connection.
  • Once an LTI connection is set up, faculty members choose whether to activate it for their course(s).
  • Please see “Set up Digication in your course in LMS” for more information about activating Digication in an LMS course.

Manual adding/unenrollment

  1. Click on a course (1).

The Digication dashboard's 'My courses and groups' section, with a numerical guide, 1, marking a course

Add students or faculty members to courses

  1. Click “People” (2) or “Add user” (3).

A course home page, with numerical guides marking the following: 2, 'People'; 3, 'Add user'

  1. Click “Add” (4).


  1. Search for people by first name, last name, email address, or user ID (5).
  2. Click on one or more people to add (6).
  3. Change the person’s role, if necessary (7).
  4. Click “Add” (8).

A course's 'Add people to course' page, with numerical guides marking the following: 5, the search box; 6, A person who has been added to the course; 7, The added individual's role; 8, 'Add'

Unenroll students or faculty members from courses

  1. On the “People” page, click on the person to be unenrolled (9).
  2. Click “Unenroll” (10).

A course's 'Add people to the course' page, with numerical guides marking the following: 9, an enrolled person that can be clicked on the be removed; 10, 'unenroll'

Self enrollment (feature coming soon)

  • A course setting will allow students to self-enroll.
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