Digication Development Update - 12/10/21

Dear Digication Community,

In keeping with our commitment to providing a two-week notice in advance of any changes to our user interface, we wanted to let you know about several upcoming improvements that will occur the week of December 27, 2021:

  • ePortfolio Assignment Submission (Draft and Private Page)
  • Handling of Subpages of Private Parent Page
  • Editable Template
  • Prompt Module
  • Upload File and Previous Uploads Modules

ePortfolio Assignment Submission (Draft and Private Page)
Previously, when submitting an ePortfolio to an assignment, any pages being submitted to an assignment had to be published prior to submission. 

We will be updating the submission process so a user can submit any pages on their ePortfolio, whether they are private, draft or published pages.

No other changes will be made to the submission process in this update. For further information, please see the Help Desk Article: Submitting your ePortfolio to an Assignment. Our documentation will be updated to reflect these changes at the time they are implemented. 

Handling of Subpages of Private Parent Page
We are updating the handling of private pages on ePortfolios. When a parent page is made private, all of the child pages will automatically be marked private as well. 

Editable Template
Currently, once a template is created, a user cannot change the template design or content.  We will be updating templates so they can be edited by the template creator after they have been created. 


Similar to ePortfolios, templates will now have an edit mode and a published view, and changes to the templates will be saved in the background. Template changes will need to be published before they are visible in the published view.

Note: editing a template will not edit content in any existing ePortfolios. Edited template content will only appear in new ePortfolios created from the template.

More information about editable templates can be found on our helpdesk here: Managing Your Template Library: Faculty Guide.

Prompt Module
This update will include a new module type: the prompt module. This is a module designed primarily for faculty, administrators and instructional designers for the purpose of creating ePortfolio templates.

The prompt module is an additional way to provide instructions in a template. An instructor can choose from a variety of preset prompt options or customize the prompt for their unique activity.


Once the module is configured and added to a template, when a student clicks on this module, the appropriate module(s) will be shown based on the prompt type. More information about the Prompt Module can be found in the helpdesk article: The Prompt Module.

Upload File and Previous Uploads Modules
Currently, when a user creates a new module in their ePortfolio and selects Upload File or Previous File, the user is only able to upload or select one image at a time. If the user is adding files to an existing module, they can upload or select multiple images.

We are updating the Upload File and Previous File modules so users can also upload or select multiple images at once when they are creating a new module.

If you have questions or feedback, as always, we encourage you to reach out to our team at support@digication.com.

Kind Regards,
Your Friends at Digication


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