Common questions about the Digication Library

Version: Kora Courses, February 23, 2023 or later

Permissions required: Student

We appreciate your questions and feedback! Listed below are answers to some of the most common questions that have been asked about the Digication Library, along with additional resources and information.

How do I update a Template after it's been uploaded to the Library?

Even though a Template cannot be altered once it is saved to the Library, ePortfolios made from that Template can be updated, saved, and re-shared to the Library as a new Template to replace the previous version. The previous version can then be deleted from the Library. For more information on updating and re-sharing your Templates, please see “ “.Click here to learn more about updating and re-sharing your Templates!

How do I delete a Template?

First, locate and select the Template you want to delete in the Library. Then, select More Options for the Template and choose Delete. For more information on how to delete a Template from your Library, please see “Update or delete a template”. Click here to learn more about how to delete a template from your library!

Who can I share my Template with?

During the Template saving process, you will have the opportunity to set your Template permissions in the Share Settings. Similar to your ePortfolio permissions, your Template permissions allow you to give individual students or instructors, courses or groups, everyone at your school, or even all Digication ePortfolio users access to your Template. For more information on saving a Template and setting Template permissions, please see “Set recommended template settings”. Click here to learn more about saving a template and setting template permissions.

How do I know when a Template is shared with me?

Whenever a Template is shared with you, an email notification will be sent to your registered Digication email address with a link for you to preview the Template. For more information on template email notifications, please see “Template notifications and approvals for administrators”. Click here to learn more about template email notifications!


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