Faculty Overview of Digication Kora

Version: Kora Courses, April 14, 2023 or later

Permissions required: Faculty

  1. If no courses are set up for you, create one (1).

The Digication Kora Courses dashboard, with a numerical guide, 1, marking 'create course'

  1. Add students and faculty members (2).
  2. Create an assignment (3).

A course homepage, with numerical guides marking the following: 2, add students and faculty; 3, create assignment

  1. Specify whether to customize the experience using prompts, a template, or neither (4).
    • You can provide one or more short prompts (5), such as "Create an audio/video reflection," "Use images to tell a story," or "Upload a file with your response."
    • You can customize the experience, including prompts, instructions, organizational structure, and the look and feel of the work through the use of a template (6).
    • For more information about creating assignments, please see "Create, edit, or delete assignments.

The 'create assignment' page; numerical guides mark the following: 4, the radio buttons for selecting whether to use prompts/template or not to use them; 5, 'Use template'; 6, 'Use prompts'

  1. Add outcomes and rubrics (7).

The 'create assignment' page with a numerical guide, 7, marking the 'assessment' section, where outcomes and rubrics can be added

    1. Include system-wide outcomes, or create outcomes specific to your course (8).

The 'select outcomes' page, with a numerical guide, 8, marking where outcomes can be added or created.

    1. For more information on outcomes and rubrics, please see Outcomes, rubrics, and outcome-based assessment.
  • Once created, assignments appear in the dashboard for you and your students.
  • Students will be able to create and submit work.
    • For more information about students’ creation and submission of work, please see the Kora Student Guide’s “Overview of Digication Kora.”
  1. You can review the submitted work (9).

The dashboard, with a numerical guide, 9, marking 'review submissions'

  1. You can send mass notifications or reminders based on submission status (10).
  1. Browse through submissions between each student (11 or 12).
    • The "Sort By" dropdown allows faculty members to select the sorting options "First Name" and "Last Name" to sort and control the display order of student submitters in the submission review UI.
    • The default sorting option is by "First Name." When a user refreshes, it always resets back to this default option.


  1. On the same screen, you can grade submissions (13), perform outcome assessment (14), and send qualitative feedback with Conversations (15).

The review page, with a numerical guide, 13, marking the grade panel  

The review page, with a numerical guide, 14, marking the outcome panel  

The review page, with a numerical guide, 15, marking a comment in the conversations panel

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