Digication Development Update - 10/4/19

Dear Digication Community,

Last Friday, September 27, we launched Digication Kora, the new official style of Digication.  Today, we are happy to share two additional updates pertaining to Digication Kora:

  • We have an upcoming improvement to the New Digication navigation menu.
  • Full documentation for Digication Kora is now available.

Navigation Menu Update

One important element of Digication Kora is the presence of a new navigation menu located on the left side of the screen.  It is very similar to the current side menu in New Digication ePortfolios with slight differences.


In two weeks, on Friday, October 18, we will be updating the side menu in New Digication ePortfolios to be consistent with the Digication Kora navigation menu.  If you would like to learn more about the Digication Kora navigation menu in advance of this update, please see the following Help Desk article: Digication Kora - Dashboard Overview.

Digication Kora Documentation

Full documentation for Digication Kora is now available on our Help Desk:  https://support.digication.com/

You will now find a Digication Kora category in the Student Guide, Faculty Guide, and Admin Guide.  The following articles are available:

Student Guide

Faculty Guide

Admin Guide

As a reminder, you can request access to Digication Kora by contacting support@digication.com. Your request will be processed within 1 business day. If you would like to enable Kora for specific users, please provide their names and email addresses.

If you have any questions regarding the New Digication navigation menu update or the Digication Kora documentation, please do not hesitate to contact support@digication.com

Kind Regards,

Your Friends at Digication

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